What We Do

We specialize in Cross Collection Conveyors. Long, extremely durable conveyors, designed to bring eggs from the cage’s collectors to the processing room.

Trusted supplier of equipment and conveyors from the chicken house to the processing room floor.

Our conveyor uses a PVC belt to carry the eggs, reducing checks and breakage over rod conveyors. The belt is carried by rollers on a metal frame, we call the tray. The Tray has rollers for the top and bottom sections of the conveyor belt.  It features a tensioning device, we call a take up, using a series of rollers to fine tune the belt to the tension of the eggs at different production volumes. The conveyor’s drive and tension adjustment are integral to our conveyor’s solid performance. We believe that the conveyor’s design reflects our experience with conveying eggs and demonstrates that we are capable of innovation and improving our designs.

Eggs often need to be guided to positions on the belt, so that oncoming eggs do not impact the eggs already moving on the conveyor. We supply “Egg Guides” of various designs, to move the eggs gently over the surface of the belt, away from oncoming eggs and spread evenly when there is nothing to avoid. When the eggs exit our conveyor, their momentum will push them over our adjustable transfer, gently rolling over to the next section of conveyor in the processing line. Our conveyor also features cleaners and scrapers, keeping the belt and the components free of debris from the farm. This debris tends to build up on a chicken farm, the belt scrapers are a must to keep the conveyor running smoothly.

The Cross Collection System, as it is called, can be hung from above or stand on legs off the floor. The conveyor line can have multiple drive units, belt widths and transfers to control the egg volume entering the processing floor. We have built some of the longest egg belts in the world and we are looking to push that envelope and innovate further.

We also manufacture smaller conveyors for moving eggs and cases of eggs around the processing room. These conveyors often include turns and elevation changes, requiring some very innovative conveyor belt. Modular conveyor belt, built from thousands of intertwining components, allow the conveyor to make multiple turns and change elevations with a single driving transmission on a single belt. We pride ourselves in our versatility, manufacturing and installing customized conveyors, linking multiple and different machines on any product line.

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