We make 3 typical egg conveyors


The first is the dirty egg conveyor.

All eggs are dirty. They are sent through a washer on the product line in processing. Some of the eggs that go through the washer are not cleaned thoroughly and need to be washed again. The dirty egg conveyor transports the eggs from the dirty egg detector, back to the washer to wash the eggs again.  Our most versatile conveyor, the dirty egg conveyor is often twisting and turning around the processing room, avoiding machines and foot traffic.
The conveyor is often only 4-6” wide and replaces comparable rod conveyor systems.

The second type of modular conveyor is the accumulation table.

These conveyors are often used in concert with our cross collection conveyors. The accumulation table is often wider that the cross collection belt and normally diverts the egg flow into position to be washed as they enter the processing room. These conveyors include our heavy duty egg guides using a series of frames for maximum adjustment. These conveyors are normally 50-80” wide and only 6-10 feet long. These are our bread and butter.

The third type of modular conveyor we make is for full cases of eggs.

We often say that we do not manufacture case conveyors. This is not exactly true. Most full-case conveyors are driven metal rollers, and employ computer processors to control the product line. We do not make full case conveyors like that. We use the modular belt to move a full case production line, where elevation and space constraints have made the driven metal roller conveyor impossible to place. Our Full case conveyors are often above other full case conveyor lines, diverting or converging the cases in a processing plant.

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