About Us

Trusted supplier of equipment and conveyors from the chicken house to the processing room floor.


In 1981, Ray Blanchet introduced a new type of Cross Collection Conveyor System designed specifically for the Egg Industry. The conveyor was designed using a PVC belt system, which allowed for more flexibility and durability for safely moving eggs, instead of the traditional rod conveyor systems. Though other industries had used PVC belt conveyors, this was the first time it was introduced for moving eggs. Since that time it has a proven record of reducing checks and breakages and is considered one of the best Cross Collection Conveyors in the industry.

By working side by side and listening to the needs of the industry, Ray and his team began to custom design, build and work with other industry manufacturers to bring quality and reliable equipment, parts and services to the egg farms. The team recognized that each conveyor design, including the drives are integral to the conveyor’s solid performance. With this experience and working closely with other leading manufacturers designed and developed additional equipment, such as stainless steel transfer and processing tables, full case conveyors, dirty egg return conveyors and other equipment and services in order to meet the needs of the industry.

We pride ourselves in our versatility, manufacturing and installing customized conveyors, linking multiple and different machines on any product line. We also understand how critical it is to have operations running smoothly with little to no disruption, so that our customer’s products can be delivered to their customers in a cost effective manner. By working together with plant managers we help to solve problems by providing workable and cost effective solutions.

Sure Conveyors™, Inc. also represents other manufacturers and companies to provide equipment and parts such as bird lift systems, farm packers, stairs, cross overs, breaking and grading systems, and supplier of CAGE free systems, while ensuring that all equipment meets the requirements of OSHA, USDA, FSIS and other agencies.

What we do

  • Specialize in Custom Designed  Conveyors.
  • Cross Collection Conveyors for Stacked & Cage Free Houses.
  • Transfer & Processing Tables.
  • Manure Conveyor Systems.
  • Case Conveyors & Case Tapers.
  • Process Engineering
  • Equipment Repair & Service.
  • Replacement Parts.
  • Custom and discontinued parts for including egg wires, cage feeders and egg trays.
  • Manufacturing Representative Van Steel.

Authorized Representative for MOBA